Private Drainage System Inspection Application

Manage Your Entire NPDES Program From The Field

Map View

View all your MS4’s sites in map view centered on your municipality. Interact with the map to get started inspecting sites.

Site Photos

Take site photos during your inspection and they are automatically attached to that inspection. Send your letter with the photos already included.

Send Standard Documents

Attach approved vendor lists and stormwater educational material to your letters with the touch of a button.

Bring ALL your As-Builts with you

Your entire as-built and report library is in the cloud and instantly accessed in NPDESPro. Just grab your tablet and you have everything you need for your inspections.

Send Letters Instantly

Tired of the hours of work compiling letters? Your inspection letters are compiled, and can even be sent, while you are still at the site.


Full reporting, including health of watershed, typical deficiencies and daily inspection progress. NPDESPro even creates your end of year compliance report.


"I describe the NPDESPro software as my best friend. It’s easy to use and an absolute time saver. Everything is right there that I need — site plans, emails and addresses for each site. I’m organized, and I just walk out the door with everything that I need."

Carlene Teterud
Water Resources Technician
City of Auburn

"From an IT standpoint NPDESPro has been bulletproof so far. Once we got it up and running I haven’t had to do anything with it. It is a low cost solution for us, and it really works."

Jim Felty
Systems Analyst
City of Auburn

"NPDESpro organizes our MS4 inspections, shaves some serious time off our process to increase productivity and helps keep us NPDES compliant."

Brian Miller
Senior Engineering Technician
City of Bellevue - Water Quality

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