Top 5 Tips for Preserving your Trees

Help preserve your trees with these 5 tips!

Trees, due to their roots, reduce stormwater runoff by allowing rainwater to infiltrate the soil better

If you're looking for some quick tips on how to preserve your trees year-round, keep reading! Not only is it a good idea to protect the trees growing on your property, it helps prevent stormwater runoff and pollution from making its way to bodies of water. 


Preserving the bark 

Think of bark as your trees defense mechanism against the elements. Bark serves to protect the inner tissue and vessels of the tree. Prevent wear and tear on tree bark by avoiding hanging things on or around the tree, as well as taking care not to damage the bark by mowing or weed whacking too closely to the trunk.


Be sure to spread mulch around 3-4 inches deep around the base of your trees, doing this will provide protection of the tree’s root system. Use a mulch that is made of wood chips or shredded wood and avoid piling it too close to the bark. 

Water when dry

If you live in a climate where it is often dry for several weeks at a time, be sure to provide your trees with enough water, even if they're mature. If you have young trees, pay extra attention to them during times when it is drier out as they will need more water while they establish their roots. 

Protect the roots

Speaking of roots...Protect your tree’s roots by making sure the soil is not compacted near the base of the trunk. Do this by averting any foot traffic away from the trees soil. When the soil is packed down, the tree cannot soak up the water that it needs. 

Consider hiring a professional

Older trees on your property may need additional care to prevent problems. By having an arborist out to inspect older trees on your property, they will be able to make recommendations on how to extend the life of the tree. This can also help ensure that your tree does not become a safety risk, as older trees often tend to develop diseases and rot. 



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Top 5 Tips for Preserving your Trees