Public Inspections, Work Orders, and More

A new way to complete your public inspections and submit work orders...

We heard your requests! Enhance your public system inspection program with our new and improved Good Housekeeping module.

NPDESPro is excited to announce that we will be releasing a public inspection and work order module by the end of this year! Our current module, Good Housekeeping, serves as a way for MS4's to manage and track municipal contracts for storm drain cleaning, street sweeping, or any other good housekeeping action. We are in the process of revamping this module to allow users  to complete public inspections, create, submit, and track work orders, and schedule follow-up's. 

New improvements will also include the ability to view and interact with your public storm system on the map. With this feature in place, user's can perform inspections on their public storm structures by simply clicking them on the map. User's will also be able to use their unique inspection and work order forms to complete their work. 

Lastly, we are implementing a feature that will give the user the opportunity to enter, track, and report on custom metrics. Need to track something specific to your program? No problem. NPDESPro is built around the idea that all MS4's operate differently. 


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