How to Create a Stormwater Friendly Landscape in 5 Steps

Control Stormwater Runoff with these Landscaping tips!

If you live in a climate where rainstorms and precipitation are almost year-round (such as the Pacific Northwest), chances are that you have experienced the negative effects of stormwater runoff. Learn how to combat runoff by reading more below!

Excessive precipitation can cause problems, which may ruin your landscaping over time. Have you ever walked outside after a rainstorm and noticed that one or more pools have formed in your yard? I have, and while this may be fun for your dog to play in, it is certainly not fun for you. Large amounts of water will not only create mud, but it will also wash away mulch, rocks, and soil. If this isn't enough of a problem already, there is the added issue of potentially harming the ecosystem. So, what can be done? Here I will outline how to create a stormwater friendly landscape in 5 steps.

1. Use permeable paving or brick patterns 

Doing this allows water to flow through them. When water lands on impervious surfaces, it washes away potentially hazardous pollutants and deposits them into the environment. 

2. Reduce stormwater runoff from your roof by directing downspouts to vegetated areas

Redirecting downspouts to your lawn, shrub beds, or other vegetated areas instead of your driveway reduces the runoff that comes from your property, which ultimately reduces the amount of pollutants that could find its way to a body of water. 

3. Plant trees

Trees, due to their roots, reduce stormwater runoff by allowing rainwater to infiltrate the soil better.

4. Clean your driveway regularly

By cleaning your driveway often and removing spills and fluid leaks, you reduce the amount of pollutants that could be carried away by stormwater.

5. Remove a section of your lawn and replace with native, drought-resistant plants

Native plants have very thick roots that extend deep into the soil, this prevents water erosion and absorbs runoff.


There you have it! 5 steps to creating a stormwater friendly landscape. 




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How to Create a Stormwater Friendly Landscape in 5 Steps