Top 3 benefits of an MS4 Management System

Top 3 benefits of an MS4 Management System over an Asset Management System

As an MS4 Water Quality Manager, if you’re trying to use your asset management system for high level, comprehensive municipal reporting, you may find yourself constantly frustrated. The current asset management systems just aren’t built for high level reporting, and they struggle to provide even the most basic compliance information.


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An MS4 Management System provides a solution to this problem. MS4 Management Systems are built on a different database structure that focuses on the storm drain system as a whole, not on individual storm structures. The result is a more universal compliance picture and a simplified end-of-year process.

Here are the Top 3 ways an MS4 Management System delivers more value than the typical current asset management system.

1. Dashboard Review

A proper MS4 Management system should have a high-level dashboard review showing you exactly what's going on at a glance. The NPDESPro dashboard allows you to see all six control majors in a graphic presentation so you instantly know how your efforts are succeeding and the effect they are having on water quality. With an Asset Management system, you're often looking at data for individual storm structures. Using an MS4 Management system allows you to see high-level compliance data and to make quality decisions on ways you can improve compliance and water quality.

2. Communication

Reliable communication is crucial for all stakeholders. NPDESPro facilitates communication between all stormwater stakeholders so that everyone understands critical stormwater elements and how their efforts can improve them. In addition, NPDESPro has added a Public Education and Outreach module. Use it to send targeted educational materials, to track engagement, and to improve stormwater awareness of all your residents.

3. Mapping

Asset Management systems aren’t the only systems that can incorporate robust mapping. An MS4 Management system uses robust mapping as well, but one that is more holistic in functionality. At NPDESPro, we look at the overall system. Our mapping shows where private sites go into public sites known as outfalls. This is all the information an MS4 needs to be able to see in just one location.

Municipalities across the country have found that an MS4 Management System makes everyone’s job easier, manages your overall stormwater compliance, and better enables you for end-of-year reporting. If you’re looking for better stormwater compliance solutions, Contact us today or call 800.204.1598 to schedule your virtual custom demo.